Jane-Finch Initiative: Public Engagement

Aerial image of the Jane-Finch area.

We want to hear from you

City Council requested staff to commence a collaborative community planning and associated resident, stakeholder and indigenous engagement process in the Jane-Finch area at its meeting on June 29th, 2020. Now its time to get to work creating a Community Development Plan and Land Use Planning Framework that integrates people- and place-focused initiatives. The Jane-Finch Initiative is about planning for the future of the area and how best to leverage the investment in light rail transit (LRT) for the benefit of local communities. Help shape the future of your neighbourhood by sharing your ideas.

We want to hear your thoughts on what makes the Jane-Finch community special to you, how you would like to be engaged and what your vision is for the future of the Jane-Finch area.

Provide your comments and share your Jane-Finch story on this page.

New to the project? Find more detailed information on the project page.

Learn More and Have Your Say

The Jane-Finch Initiative will be carried out in 3 phases, which are outlined broadly on the right.

In Phase 1, staff will take stock of existing conditions in the Jane-Finch community and we will need to understand what you see as issues and opportunities to be addressed in the planning process. Below you’ll find various ways you can engage and information boards on the project’s Social Pinpoint page. You’ll be able to drag a pin to comment directly on the content, tell us about the spaces you value most in the community and share your ideas for the future.

For more information visit the project page or contact the Project Team at janefinch@toronto.ca.

Comment on the information boards from the virtual public meeting held on November 23. A PDF version of the information boards is available.

Initiative Timeline

  • Project Initiation: June 2020

  • Phase 1: Taking Stock and Analysis

  • Phase 2: Developing Options

  • Phase 3: Towards Implementation

  • Final Report

My Jane-Finch Story is…

As part of the Jane-Finch Initiative, we are reflecting on the unique power of storytelling and its connections to heritage and place. We are gathering stories from the community about its past and what makes Jane-Finch special today before we collectively plan for the future. We want to hear from you – tell us your Jane-Finch story. To share a video story, please email the file to Project Team at janefinch@toronto.ca.

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Have an idea for the future of Jane-Finch? Share your vision.

Imagine that you area in Jane-Finch as you think it should be in 5, 10 or even 25 years in the future. What do you see? How are people moving? How do you imagine parks and public spaces? What do buildings look like? Where do people meet each other? Where do people go for education and recreation? Where do people get help and supports? What do we need to do to create social cohesion and provide economic opportunities for everyone? Tell us your ideas below.

Number of Results:

All comments will be moderated before going live. If your comments do not follow the Terms of Use, your comments may not be published.

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Contact the project team with your questions and comments at janefinch@toronto.ca.

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